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Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Camel Pose

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Heart openers and backbends have the amazing ability to open us up not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Camel pose or Ustrasana is one of the most popular backbends in yoga asana because of its amazing benefits and the ease with which you can modify the pose to suit all bodies and practice levels.

This is why we've put together this quick and handy guide to Camel pose that includes all the tips, variations, and modifications you can use in your practice to get comfortable and maximize the benefits of Camel pose.

How To Do Camel Pose

Camel Pose Ustrasana

Camel pose opens your chest, stretches your shoulders and abdominal wall. It increases circulation throughout the front of your body. This pose strengthens your neck, back, glutes, and legs as well. Read more here…

The Holistic Benefits of Camel Pose
holistic benefits of camel pose

Ustrasana, like a camel journeying through the Sahara, requires stamina, endurance, and a commitment to inner awareness. While this pose is a journey and not a destination, when you do finally arrive to your own unique location after crossing that Sahara, it’s totally worth it physically, mentally and emotionally. Read more here…

Common Misalignments in Camel Pose (and How To Fix Them)

misalignments in camel pose

Although at first a difficult pose physically and emotionally, Ustrasana is a wonderfully vulnerable posture that benefits the mind, body, and soul. While in the posture, your focus moves from the slight physical discomfort to slight emotional discomfort, and then into an intense emotional cleansing and mental clarity that emerges through perseverance. Read more here…

5 Alignment Tips for Camel Pose

5 Alignment Tips for Camel Pose

If you are just starting out with Camel pose, be gentle with your back and only recline slightly. Over time you will find that it becomes easier to work into the full extension of the pose. Ready to get started? Here are five alignment tips to keep in mind. Read more here…

Pain-Free Ways to Practice Camel Pose (With Video)

Pain-Free Ways to Practice Camel Pose (With Video)

In this video I explain why starting the pose with a lift from the chest as we're often told is a terrible idea, and how starting the pose by leaning back into the legs, or waving up (WHATTT) is far far better. Expect to feel remarkably different in Camel trying these out, both in their lack of discomfort, and in the depth you may find yourself in now that the discomfort is gone. Read more here…

How to Build a Sequence Around Camel Pose

sequence around camel pose

In Camel Pose you use a deep backbend and front body opener, so therefore we need to ignite your core fully in order to support your back bend and encourage a deeper range of motion from your abdomen. You will also want to use some frontal hip stretches for the same purpose. Read more here…

5 Camel Pose Variations You Will Love

Camel Pose Variations

Camel pose is an amazing way to open your heart and lighten up your yoga practice. But have you tried spicing this wonderful pose up with a few adjustments? Let’s have a look at some cool Camel pose variations! Read more here…

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