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Being A Hater Vs. Being A Yogi

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People be hatin’. Damn, they be hatin’ so hard. But y’all know as well as I do, that there’s really no us versus them and that we’re all capable of being haters from time to time.

And when I say hater, you know I mean dip shit, Negative Nancy, and Grumpy Gus too.

None of us is perfect and even when we’re doing our best to be positive and kind and oh so optimistic – well sometimes, we still act like dicks. And maybe it’s an extra hard cross to bear when on the spiritual / yoga path because we’re working so hard to be the best versions of ourselves, getting aware and grounded and more compassionate.

Yet somehow, we still snap at mom and secretly wish our co-worker would fall into a pit in the ground and be consumed by molten lava. So how can you be a yogi and be a human at the same time?

1. Stop Being So Damn Hard On Yourself

Sometimes us yogis find it extra hard to forgive ourselves because we know better than to act bratty and insolent yet we still do it. But for real, there are going to be times when you act like an ass, totally freak out and do the exact opposite thing from being calm, grounded and connected. The trick here is to find compassion for yourself once you realise that you’ve been acting like a total maniac.

Adding that extra flavour of being hard on yourself is not going to help you. Step to the side for a moment, gain a little perspective and grant yourself a bit of softness and love. You’re not a bad person for being a dick from time to time.

2. Stop Being So Damn Hard On Others

When someone else acts like a butt, don’t give them so much wrath. Self-righteousness is most likely only ever going to come back to bite you in the bum. Be kind, be understanding and try to see yourself in them. If we can all break down the boundaries of us and them then a whole world of compassion and understanding can unfold. Plus, you’ll probably be greeted more kindly by others when you behave poorly, if you’re understanding of their cruddy behaviour.

3. “Dust Yourself Off And Try Again” – Aaliyah

There is always a lesson to be learned and some (or most) of us need to go through a situation multiple times before we finally integrate the lesson into our lives. If you use your yogi prowess of curiosity and exploration, you’ll certainly find a nugget of wisdom amidst the crappy behaviour. A lesson will keep showing up in your life time and time again until you finally learn it. Do yourself a favour then, and be open and curious about what patterns keep sprouting up for you.

4. Get To Know What Sets You Off

Us yogis, we are mega lucky. We practice getting to know ourselves on a regular basis. When you’re on the mat, you get to see how your mind moves, your body shifts, and how your breath flows. This same level of attention is going to serve you huge-time in your daily life when resolving and understanding conflict.

If you get to know the little niggling things that bother you, you can begin to recognise when they’re creeping in. Then you might be able to take a big old breath and save yourself the headache of getting swept up in the drama.

Whatever situation you’re dealing with in your life, remember – it’s okay if you slip up. You’re a yogi and yes, you are awesome, but that doesn’t mean you’re super human. On occasion, you’re still going to sulk, snap, be snide and get your hate on. The thing is though, that it’s probably not really hate that you’re spewing – it’s most likely frustration, silliness and irritation all tethered to some form of communication malfunction.

Choose not to be so darn hard on yourself and others and instead opt for a heap of love and compassion. Move forward, start learning your lessons and try to do better next time around.

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