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Giveaway – 3 x Lifetime Access Passes to Raghunath’s Complete Guide to Yoga for Men (Worth

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How would you like the chance to practice yoga with the guidance of an ex-punk expert yogi from the privacy of your own home? Have you been dragging your lackluster man to your yoga class? Maybe you could use some more motivation yourself.

It’s all at your fingertips with this excellent new premium course by the one and only Raghunath!

In case you don’t know Raghunath yet, he’s a former punk musician who gave up the hard and fast rules of touring for a seven-year apprenticeship as a yogi and monk in Krishna Bhakti Ashram. His electric energy and wisdom will guide you along the path of a healthful, effervescent, and yogic life.

And today, we’re giving away three lifetime access passes to The Complete Guide to Yoga for Men with Raghunath. In this course, Raghunath has developed a thorough approach to get you to optimum levels of balance, strength, and flexibility. It’s a great way to up anyone’s yoga game!

How you can join:

Simple—just leave a comment below!


This program provides a five-module approach to your yoga which includes the basics of the practice, strength, balance, flexibility, mind, and the outdoors! In this course you’ll be learning key poses, gaining flexibility in forgotten parts of your body, nailing some machine-gun handstands, and centering yourself with some meditation.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to an awesome, in depth guide to men’s yoga. Made to both kickstart and develop your home yoga practice.
  • 10+ hours of high quality yoga videos filmed from two angles for full immersion.
  • Over 30 yoga classes to cater for all types of student.
  • Easy progress tracking which enables you to watch your personal progress bar advance as you grow your practice.
  • Full access to the DOYOU community so that you can engage with thousands of yogis all over the world.

Get 50% Off

Can’t wait to kick off your yoga practice with Raghunath? You can get The Complete Guide to Yoga for Men with Raghunath now at 50% off by using the code at checkout.

The contest ends July 8, 2015, so go ahead—Tweet, share, and comment away, and you could be this week’s lucky giveaway winner!

Congratulations to @waffourt, @misionero, and @soos for winning the giveaway!

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