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Finding Inner Peace on a Busy London Bridge (VIDEO)

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These days you can find yoga on every street corner. Well, I decided to take it to the Millennium Bridge in London.

From the moment I put down my eco yoga mat, I’d forgotten about all the people rushing past me and found my breath.

I went there to make something that looked visually beautiful on video. But what I learned was something unexpected—even amongst the craziness of a busy London bridge, yoga could still keep me calm, help me connect with myself, and slow everything down.

This is why I cannot recommend yoga enough!

When you need a short break from it all, sit down and do five minutes of conscious breathing—just think about your breath. Sit comfortably and start concentrating on your breath. Repeat mentally ‘I am breathing in’ on each inhale, and ‘I am breathing out’ on each exhale.

Yoga doesn’t have to be what you expect. You don’t have to become a pretzel, go to an expensive studio, or wear fancy clothes. Go to your local community centre’s class or do it at your home and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Just let go of whatever you don’t need, and let the good come in!

Credit: Helen O’Shea Yoga on YouTube

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
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