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Finding Balance, Wisdom, and Courage with Yoga

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I practice yoga every day because it makes me a better person. The few moments of peace that come between inhalation and exhalation are a window into the true self. Especially on stressful days, even a few deep breaths make a difference.

Make time for your practice every chance you get. If you only have five minutes, put it in to the practice. Even that little bit of time on your mat builds momentum.

You don't have to do it all in one day, one practice, or even one lifetime. Just relax, be yourself, and love a little more every day.

Balance is a state of mind that comes from knowing yourself at your deepest level of truth.

When you find that stable center within yourself that yoga helps you uncover, you are strong enough to handle any situation. When life throws some obstacles your way, drop down deep into this eternal place of peace within, wait for guidance, and it will come.

Wisdom is the listening space that tells you when to endure, when to let go, or when just to wait a little more.

Never force the inner journey or rush the eternal process of self-realization. Surrender this process into a power bigger and grander than yourself, and, with your yoga practice, allow yourself to experience divine joy and happiness in the present moment – no matter where you are along the path.

Courage is being brave enough to follow your dreams, even when no one believes in them.

Boldly follow your dreams, and at the same time leave a little space for an alternate path to be presented. Plan and push forward, but not so much that you block out the spontaneous.

Sometimes it's hard to navigate between being strong and true to yourself, and having blinders on and being stubborn. I know from experience that once you get tunnel vision towards a goal, the things or people you end up compromising can make the final achievement of the goal less meaningful.

With yoga, you become better at understanding yourself and others. Listen to the negative feedback from the people with whom you share the most love. Their words will most often be constructive, and not just mean-spirited name-calling.

Yoga lets you dive deep beneath the waves and discover a place of imperturbable peace and love. Learn to live from that place within yourself.

No matter how turbulent the waters of life may be, or how many storms roll over the surface, at the depths of consciousness, you are always steadily flowing toward the true self. When it gets too hectic "up there," take a moment and drop down "in here."

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