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Exploring The Benefits Of Baby Yoga

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Baby yoga doesn’t seem to be as familiar a term as yoga itself, but more and more parents are seeing the benefits of yoga as a form of exercise that can help them bond with their little one while promoting the development of their babies’ gross and fine motor skills. This practice comes with many physiological benefits. It also improves social interactions among new parents and their babies. Let's have a look at the benefits of Baby Yoga!

For Your Baby – Stretch, Sense, Sleep

Babies are extremely limber and this dexterity can help them perform basic yoga poses with ease. Obviously, the stretches are guided by an instructor or the parents. Yoga can help the baby sleep in more regular intervals, and the stretching and posing foster the baby’s gross and fine motor development. The practice has also been found to be effective in promoting better digestion, preventing constipation and relieving colic in infants.

For Yourself – Touch, Attach, Connect

Aside from the physiological benefits, baby yoga fosters deeper emotional attachments between the parent and the baby. Throughout the exercises, the parent holds and touches the baby and the sedation of touch helps strengthen paternal or maternal bonds. The sensation of touch also promotes circulation, which gives both the parent and infant feelings of calm and relaxation. Parents who enroll in baby yoga classes are also given the opportunity to socialize with other mothers and fathers and discuss "new parents' stuff". The classes are also great places for babies to interact with other infants for the first time.

Benefits Of Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is a healthy, fun and exciting practice. If done in a safe and careful environment, baby yoga is furthermore a great way to gently provide your child with the benefits of a happier and more peaceful disposition. The interaction with the parents also prepares the baby for interaction with others later on.

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