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How To Eat Healthier (Without Really Trying)

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It happened. You got the ‘yoga bug’ and now you recognize you have a loving body. It’s now only a matter of time before you actually want to treat that body better. Like a temple… or at least a really cool apartment. So, what are you to do?!

Now, before you launch yourself down an over-zealous juicing / vegan / paleo rabbit-hole (which you will likely either feel trapped in, or compelled to berate yourself for) called: “this diet sucks,” I’ve got a few helpful tips. Here’s how to honor your rockin’ bod without really trying!

1) Sit Down

Yes you. Want to put something in your mouth? Sit your ass down on a chair. And, no — a car seat does not qualify! Before eating was a convenience, it was an experience. This is no small thing! When we retrain ourselves to experience our nourishment, we feel more satiated and fulfilled. When you open your mouth, rest your bottom!

Bonus: Use *real* plates and utensils!

2) Assess The Emotion

We all have hungers, lots of ‘em; physical, spiritual, emotional (e.g., my-partner-feels-so-far-away hunger). And, we deserve to feed our hungers, but are we feeding the right one? Before I eat, I try to ask myself: how am I feeling emotionally?

This moment to check-in has changed my dietary patterns, because it’s helped me learn to stop using food as an emotional band-aid. Of course, I still eat cookies; but, I’ve learned to not use them in place of comfort. Let your emotions be fed by you and not your plate!

3) Allow For Joy

I deeply believe that we all need to account for the nutrient called “joy” in our diets. Protein– check! Carbohydrates– check! Joy– check! Meals need to include a bit of happiness. Simply, when we are overly critical or (I’ll be blunt) anal about our diets, we sometimes stop receiving the gifts of good meal. And, a good meal should include laughter, peace, and enjoyment! Any doctor can tell you, you digest better when you are settled and happy. Don’t let your diet become a battlefield between you and you!

4) Give Your Cookie A Date!

Cookie time? Great! Add a protein-rich friend to your snack break. The addition of grounding food regulates the effect of simple sugars in your bloodstream, helping to quell the blood-sugar-blues. Combining more satiating proteins and fats with your dose of sweetness helps ensure your blood-sugar stays more stable. Simply, your body will better assimilate your treat over a longer period of time without the sugar crash. This means that you won’t be overly grabby for more sweets ASAP. Enjoy the cookie — don’t be ruled by it!

5) Say ‘Thank You’

Any kind of grace (before, during, or after your meal) matters! When we recognize the gift of nourishment, it becomes an act of self-care. Gratitude is a simple practice that can transform any meal into an offering. And, the great thing is, you make an offering to yourself many times a day! Let your meals be acts of love.

Which of these tips resonate with you the most? Do you have your own tips to add for ‘struggling’ healthy eaters? Let us know below!

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