Easy Chinese Red Date Tea For Health (RECIPE)

One of my favorite drinks for winter is honey with red date tea. Try this delicious and healthy drink on a chilly day to chase away the cold.

Red dates or “??” in Chinese, it is a fruit that comes from a shade tree. When dried, it is higher in potassium, Vitamins B1&B2 and other minerals. It is believed to be antifungal, anti-inflammatory and also relieves stress. Studies show red dates improve digestion and is often used to soothe a sore throat.


3 dried red dates (around ½ inch in diameter)

1-teaspoon honey (manuka is best)

1 cup water


  1. Boil ½ cup water and rinse the red dates. When the water is boiled, place the red dates in the cup and pour over boiling water.
  2. In separate bowl, mix room temperature water to dissolve manuka honey. Since the honey has active cultures, its best not to dissolve it in hot water or it will significantly lose its health benefits.
  3. Slowly add the honey water to the cup and enjoy!
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