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How to Start Doing Yoga at Home

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For many people with very tight schedules, doing yoga or other kinds of workout on a regular basis can be quite a challenge. There's just no time to actually go out and attend yoga classes on a regular basis. But wait! What if you just do your yoga inside your own four walls? Even if your hectic schedule prohibits you from attending a class regularly, there are ways you can still get all of the benefits of yoga….right in the comfort of your own home.

Clear Up Some Space

First of all, you'll need the adequate space to practice your yoga routines. Your living room or bedroom should do nicely. If it proves to be too small, consider rearranging your furniture so that you end up with enough space to strike your poses without knocking over any lamps or vases. You wouldn't want to do yoga on a soft floor, so make sure you don't put your yoga mat on a carpet.

Set The Right Mood

Setting the mood is also important. A clean and serene setting does wonders to both the mind and body. You can choose to decorate your space with objects and images that help put you in a calm and peaceful state. For most people, cluttered places cause irritation and distraction, so you might want to de-clutter your apartment if the environment is too stuffed and irritating. Some soothing auditory elements like soft music or nature sounds will also help you relax (there are some cool Apps for your iPhone or Android out there).

Pick Your Poses

A major difference between practicing yoga at home and at a school is that there is no teacher. This can be quite a challenge, because having an instructor in front of you who shows you exactly what you need to do, makes it easier to actually do something. That's why you need to make sure you have a good idea about what poses or sequences you want to do. Coming up with your own routine can seem like a tough task if you're a yoga novice. The best approach would probably be to at least go to a yoga class once a month. This will give you the chance to practice under professional guidance, so you have an idea of what you'll be doing at home. A professional instructor can also look over your routine to make sure you've got a strong grasp of the poses. If you already know your yoga, go ahead and buy a yoga DVD or book or surf the web for inspiration. Just keep in mind that whether you're already in shape or not, you should start out slowly if you're a beginner. Jumping straight into the more advanced poses can put undue strain on your body. This is just another reason why you should first ask a professional for advice even if you don't plan on going to a class.

Doing yoga at home can be a great way to jump start your day before work, or wind down and relax after a strenuous day. As long as you take the proper precautions and take things slowly, exercising at home can give most of the benefits of a yoga class without too much hassle.

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