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Why You Should Practice Yoga in the Morning

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Of course, finding what is best for you is most important, but the recommendation has always been to practice yoga in the morning. Why? Not only is it the most peaceful time with little distraction, it sets the mood, clears thoughts, increases physical energy and endurance, but also early morning poses safeguard against discomfort later in the day.

Get a Head Start Into the Day

It is helpful to know that some poses create energy while others are meant to calm so that you are sure to practice each at the proper time of day. Poses like backbends are invigorating, standing poses build strength and stamina while twists detoxify and relieve tension.

Yoga Becomes a Daily Routine

Another benefit of morning practice is it becomes a routine and you are certain it will fit into your busy day. When there is no set schedule for yoga, the time tends to slip away and responsibility takes over. Planning your practice to be at the same time each morning simplifies the goal while also improving the rest of your day as you start it feeling confident and ready for anything.

A Short Session Can Get You Far

When time is of the essence, the absolute best morning pose that you can do to get energized is the Sun Salutation. Considered the mother of all yoga postures, it is designed to wake up the whole mind-body because it includes almost every element of a full practice. With a connection of breath to movement, forward and backward bending, some strength and slight inversion, you will feel renewed and revived. Performing 8-10 Sun Salutations followed up with a spinal twist will prepare you for the day with lots of energy and a stretched out range of motion.

A routine of morning yoga can change your life in so many healthy ways and enhance the awareness of emotions while enabling you to react to daily life challenges more effectively. Taking a little time for yourself at the start of each day will enable you to feel centered, happy and live in the present moment.

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