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#DawnOfTheYogi: DOYOUYOGA Ambassadors Get Yoga-Creepy This Halloween

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Remember that scene in The Exorcist where the possessed girl spider-crawls fast down the stairs? That was hella scary! But in the eyes of a yogi, it also looks like an insane Wheel pose "walk."

This Halloween, DYY ambassadors Gordon Ogden (@gordonogden) and Kate Swarm (@kateswarm), along with their awesome friends and amazing Instagram followers, are showing us that any yoga pose can look straight up horror movie-worthy with their Halloween yoga challenge, #DawnOfTheYogi.

Anyone can join; just follow the daily theme shared by the hosts and post your themed yoga pics on Instagram using the #DawnOfTheYogi hashtag. You can get in costume, edit photos to add in Halloween effects — anything you want! To give you an idea, here are some of the creepiest photos we found from the #DawnOfTheYogi challenge.

Here's Gordon in "Creepy Rag Doll" pose

A photo posted by Gordon Ogden (@gordonogden) on

And here's Regan killing it in Karnapidasana


A photo posted by Regan Warner (@reganwarner) on

Alicia's take on Bound Bow is the stuff of nightmares

And Chantalle looks straight out of AHS* Freak Show in her "Hanging Dog" pose

*for those who don't know, AHS = American Horror Story

A photo posted by Chantalle (@the.smiley.yogi) on

Diaz is all-out and spot on for Roadkill pose…

A photo posted by diaz (@filthygorgeouz) on

While Raechal takes on the 7 of diamonds pose.


Do you like your Skandasana zombie-style like Keesha?

A photo posted by Keesha (@fitgirlkeesh) on

Or killer psychopath-style like Alicia here?


Stay healthy this Halloween — skip the candy and go for Kale 🙂

A photo posted by Chantalle (@the.smiley.yogi) on

That's it, folks! Here's Gabriela saying bye and happy Halloween!


A photo posted by Gabriela. (@_galicea_) on

There are sooo many awesomely creepy photos from the challenge, unfortunately we can't share them all. Loved the photos? Join the #DawnOfTheYogi challenge and let your yoga-loving freak flags fly, yogis!

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