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How To Do Corpse Pose

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Ahhh… sweet, sweet Savasana. Corpse pose is, as you’ve probably heard countless times, one of the most important poses to get into your yoga practice. It’s the cherry on top! Here’s why this asana is incredibly delicious for your body.


Savasana relaxes the central nervous system, giving the cells of the body an opportunity to really permeate the fresh oxygenated blood, easing all the muscles and giving them the best treat after its hard work during playtime. Allowing your body to fully immerse in this pose will signal a sense of gratitude for being on the edge, and staying strong through those tough poses. Corpse pose also calms the brain which alleviates headaches, fatigue, stress and mild depression.


  1. Simply lie on the mat with your hands and feet as wide as it is comfortable for you. Palms up, toes pointed out. Maybe shimmy the shoulder blades right under the chest and just allow yourself to melt onto the earth. Take three deep breaths and then stay in the posture for five minutes.


Let your breath be natural here. You want to let go everything and fully allow your amazing body to reap all the yummy benefits of the poses that you just rocked. Let go of the tension between your eyebrows. Relax the eyes, the jaw, and give a gentle smile to yourself for all the hard work you did. Relax the belly, the hands and toes. Imagine the outer hips rolling out onto the ground. Effortlessly, let it ALL go.

What I often do in the beginning when I started yoga is play a little game with myself. I like to play “let’s not to move a muscle for 5 minutes.” Yes, five whole minutes sounds pretty hard to accomplish. However, when your body gets that time to really rest and gently wake back up, it feels pretty darn amazing!

I like to either revisit my intention that I set in the beginning of the class here, or I ask my spirit and body to release any and all negative energy that’s not serving me. Then I give it back into the earth and I ask the earth beneath me to take all of that unnecessary energy and neutralize it. Sometimes I thank the earth for keeping me grounded and supporting me throughout the day. Doing this mental exercise gives me clarity and helps me visualize — leaving any gunk on the mat so I could be my full authentic self for the rest of the day.

I hope this one reminds you of how much this effortless pose can be the most beneficial for you.
Until next time, remember to breathe! Namaste!

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