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3 Ways Meditation Can Be A Chronic Pain Relief

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According to studies done through Tennessee State University, there are roughly 50 million American’s that suffer from chronic pain, everyday. Just a few of these illnesses include fibromyalgia, cancer, and arthritis. Not only do we suffer painfully by bodily aches, but we also suffer from increased stress, and irritable behaviors that lead to negatively, impacting personal confidence, and relationships. Although it is a difficult life to lead, there is a way to gain some control through meditation.

1. The Power of Nothing

Meditation practices mind-silence. Although we suffer from pain, we must first learn that the reason that we suffer is out of our control. The power of nothing, stems from being okay not having the control to do anything to change the position we are in. Meditation gives us the ability to shut out everything, from the pain surging through our bodies, to something as simple as a bird singing outside the window. We do not have the power to control some things in life, but we do have the control over what we allow to affect us.

2. Just Get Through This Moment

There is something we should all know, and that is that we do not need to get through this week. We do not need to get through tomorrow. We only need to get through this very moment. Having to consider the fact that we are suffering and will be suffering for such and such amount of time, only leads to more pain. It is not healthy for us to dread the future, because it will only make the time we have here on earth more miserable. Concentrating on simply getting through each moment in life through meditation, one minute at a time, can give us the strength we need to live each day a little bit stronger than the one before.

3. The Importance of You

For those of us that have the burden of a painful existence, we also have the incredible opportunity to make an impact on those we love. Every person on earth suffers from something, whether it is diabetic neuropathy, heartache, low confidence, a broken limb…. the list goes on and on. We have the grand opportunity to reach out to others, to encourage and support those we love, to stay strong for those who may suffer more than we do, and to make a difference in the world we live in. Owning that, we will realize the power we have by just being ourselves, and that is something that meditation opens us up to.

Conclusively, chronic pain is only something that happens to our bodies. There is so much more internal strength that we all posses. Meditation is a practice that has the power to connect our minds and our souls to a point of incredible strength. It can be attained all on our own, and nobody can give that to you. Let’s be the force we are inside and fight for our right to live a pain free existence!

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