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Can Kids Do Yoga Too?

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I’m an eager yogi and have two young kids (5 and 7). I’m wondering if it’s safe and healthy for my little ones to practice yoga as well. Maleika O.

The Answer

I think one of the main reasons why I’m so excited to have children when I’m older is so I can do yoga with them! Take a minute to think about all the amazing things yoga benefits you with- stress relief, concentration, self-awareness and discipline, body intelligence, etc. Now, imagine giving all of that to your kids!

Especially nowadays, when children are surrounded by messages promoting competition, unnecessary pressures, and “perfection,” it seems to me that yoga is exactly what they need. The youngins have somehow learned to adopt the stress of adult life from the grown-ups around them, and now need more than ever the tools to learn how to breathe and eliminate tension and anxiety.

With yoga, your children will also better develop strong and healthy bodies. We live in the age of fast food and convenience, and I have no doubt that teaching your children how to take care of their bodies in the asana sense will automatically encourage the treat their bodies well across the board. They will also learn to appreciate stillness, balance, flexibility, and focus, profits they will certainly take off of the mat.

The best thing that could come out of introducing your kids to yoga, in my opinion, is setting the foundation for a potential future love for the practice. While children could be learning things from yoga that will benefit them instantly, teaching them breathing techniques and asana could very well encourage them to establish a beautiful practice for the rest of their lives!

Additional Tips

Talk to studios in your area about yoga for children. Many places offer classes specifically for kids, which could be a really sweet place for them to develop and grow as yogis together. These classes usually incorporate “yoga games,” noise making, and even imagination. If no kids’ yoga classes are available, inquire about them attending some beginner’s classes, or check online for poses that are safe to teach your child at home. The idea of bonding with your little guys at home could help foster quite a beautiful connection between you!

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