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Ask A Yogi – Is It Normal That My Teacher Touches Me During Savasana?

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My yoga teacher goes from student to student during Savasana and puts her hands flat on our chests for a short while. It feels good, but I wonder why she does that? She’s a girl and the students are both girls and guys. Is it normal that my teacher touches me during Savasana? Carl M.

The Answer

Hey, brother! Yes, this is totally normal! These light and compassionate touches during Savasana are what my teacher likes to call “giving a little love.” They are physical adjustments that help the student to release some unnecessary tension in a pose where you are supposed to release completely into the earth (hence the name “corpse pose”). Depending on your teacher, these adjustments may be anything from a delicate touch to a deep massage. It may be her way of transferring love and positive energy to you after your practice, or she might notice that you need just a little boost to achieve complete relaxation. She might put her hands on your chest or rub your feet. She may do nothing at all. Basically, whatever she has learned on her journey as a teacher will translate into what she does for her students in this pose.

Additional Tips

If you feel uncomfortable with your teacher giving you adjustments at any point in the practice, just let him or her know! Teachers are taught to understand that some people just don’t enjoy being touched, and won’t take it personally at all. On the flip side, if you really enjoy the extra love, ask for some more! It’s pretty incredible what a simple touch can do, and I promise that your teacher only wants to make you feel happy, calm, and safe.

Your teacher also should make sure that you’re getting some time to yourself during your Savasana. This is a pose for meditation, and although these adjustments might feel really great, they can also distract you from truly settling into your own space. If you feel like you’re not getting this time, let her know!

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