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Are You Suffering From “Love Tourette”?

Meditation | Meditation for Beginners

In an ecology of love, people can relate in trust and face the future without fear. They do not need to play it safe. They can take uncertainty in their stride.” Jonathan Sacks

Maybe I was born a Bhakti Yoga because ever since I was a little girl, I always believed in "friending" everyone. I just assumed we were friends. Why wouldn't we be?

Love Tourette

I Had This Innate Knee-Jerk Reaction To Love My Partner Calls It "Love Tourette"

This was before the days of Facebook. (If you don't know how FB formally defines themselves they say "Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.") I didn't practice excluding others and therefore wasn't excluded either. From grade school, to junior high to high school to college I could flow amongst all sorts of groups and social cliques with ease. When I evolved into a dedicated student of yoga I took this practice with me and later learned that all along I was living from a Tantric philosophy. I assumed the effort to look for the good in others, I assumed we were friends and that that universe was friendly and kind. Why wouldn't it be?

The Alchemy of Love

In each class we create a one time only ecology never to be repeated that same way again. I take this to heart and as a teacher I create the safest environment possible so everyone feels a common friendliness. And as an enthusiastic friend gatherer I also consider myself a really excellent student on the mat as well. Why? Because I am always on the side of the teacher, I just assume we're friends. And I cheer for my fellow students sending them metta (lovingkindness) or a "you can do it!" silently and I'm the first one to clap hands to cheer after a student demonstration.

Metta Meditation

May I be happy, healthy, peaceful and loved
May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and loved
May we be happy, healthy, peaceful and loved

I really do just assume we can all be happy and loved.

This is completely in line with the philosophy of yoga, specifically Yoga Sutra 1.4 that reminds us that as human beings our true nature is that of JOY! We all have the right to be happy, to be loved, to be peaceful because we already are naturally. And what's better is that there are no conditions to meet or pre-requisites to our happiness. There is plenty to go around, especially if you believe in the goodness of the universe.

There is an alchemy of love that exists inside us and all around us which is why I approach life open hearted, vulnerable and believing in the fun we can have together as one big happy tribe each day! Certainly, the shadow side does exist out there in the world, but it is always up to us whether to choose to live from fear or from love. So today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow I will go about my days assuming we're all friends, why wouldn't I? Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

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