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Are You Showing Up For Your Life?

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This week, have been meditating on the word "resolve". In yogic terms this means Tapas. In practical terms we describe it as sustainable determination with consistent undertones of enthusiasm. Simply put, it means "showing up". It may sound easy to show up for life but how often do we get so busy, worried or afraid that we aren’t really living so much on purpose as by habit.

I took theater in high school and college. I had moments onstage—usually toward the end of a show where I would stop acting and turn on autopilot. I stopped actively participating. I’ve discovered that a similar thing can happen in regular life. In life, we are both the actor on stage and also the audience. It takes tapas in order to be present to both.

Living life with tapas means that we are awake to our lives. When we are awake, we are more able to articulate our intentions. In the Yogic practice, determination to hold true to our dreams or visions for ourselves combines three different types of tapas: mental, physical and spiritual.

1. Mental Tapas

Having a consistent inner practice. This might be meditation, or it might simply mean being less externally motivated and more internally disciplined. There is a switch from requiring extroversion to becoming comfortable with introversion so you can see life from a different perspective. Challenging yourself to start again and again.

2. Physical Tapas

Practicing balance in our outer form. We don’t become upset when insulted by a difficult pose—or person. We maintain peace in the face of discomfort.

3. Spiritual Tapas

Staying spiritually enthusiastic, even with difficulties. We maintain faith and stay excited about the possibilities even without results to prop us up. We are focused more on quality than quantity.


"Only as high as I reach can I grow,?Only as far as I seek can I go,?Only as deep as I look can I see,?Only as much as I dream can I be." – Karen Ravn

So today, challenge yourself to show up. Whether this means showing up for yoga class or just showing up for what makes you excited about your life. Remember that you always have a choice. Be passionate about your vision and don’t hold back. Commit to giving yourself fully to each day. Starting now, resolve to find the inner strength and quiet determination to stay true to your biggest dreams.

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