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An Ashtanga Yoga Demo That Moves From Darkness to Light (VIDEO)

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Look up Ashtanga yoga demo videos and you’ll see that there is no shortage (at all) of amazing yogis and yoginis sharing their mastery of asanas as a result of dedicated practice.

However, there is something about Ashtangi Laruga Glaser that just always seems to captivate us when we get to see her practice on the mat. Maybe it’s because of her perfect balance of strength and grace in movement, or maybe it’s her fluid and seamless transitions when she gets her yoga flow on.

Whatever it is, here’s another yoga demo of hers with the theme “Darkness to Light” to remind us that wherever there’s darkness, there’s also light…it’s just up to us to find it, and then to move, live, and love towards it.

Video credit: LarugaYoga

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