Amazing AcroYoga Sequence by a Real-Life Couple (VIDEO)

Have you been wanting to try AcroYoga out with your partner ?

This video by Sam Friedman features real-life yoga practicing couple Alicyn Packard and Jason Friedman performing a simple but nonetheless beautiful AcroYoga sequence.

From the way Alicyn doesn't hesitate to close her eyes in delicate balancing poses, to how Jason takes a few moments to gently touch Alicyn's face, it seems like AcroYoga is a shared, exhilarating experience that allows these two to connect with each other deeply and intimately.

Watch, enjoy, and share it with a friend or your loved one to inspire them to come to AcroYoga class with you!

Music: Hey Mami by Sylvan Esso/Video Credit: Alicyn Packard on Vimeo

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