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Add Spark to Your Practice With One of These Unique Yoga Mats

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Yoga mats enhance your yoga practice, providing a comfortable cushion as well as grip to avoid slipping. But have you ever noticed how similar yoga mats tend to be and sometimes everyone has the same one in class? Helping you create your own unique space for practice and offering a special spot that you can take with you, we’ve compiled a list of nonconventional yoga mats. From circular to herbed mats, here are few unique takes on the traditional yoga mat that will keep your practice fresh, innovative, and inspiring.

Cork Yogi Classic Cork Mat: Quirky Cork with Great Benefits 

Cork is a lightweight, natural materially that is a great alternative to the traditional rubber mat. In addition to being ethically sourced, cork is also naturally antibacterial, giving you a clean mat to practice yoga on every time. Cork also gives you grip in challenging poses, and its water-resistant property ensures that sweat won’t make you slip. 

Cork Yogis also donates a portion of each purchase to supporting training for at-risk girls in India.

Sahaja Yoga Mats: Light Up Your Practice with Color

Sahaja Yoga Mats are full of color and bring the gift of light. Each mat has a colorful and absorbent microfiber towel layer and a grippy rubber bottom, giving you a non-slip mat with a soft, eye-catching top. Explore the different designs and find the style that suits you.

You can also feel good about your purchase, as a portion of the proceeds provide solar lights for students in Mozambique.

Ayur Yoga Organics Woven Mats: Honoring Ayurvedic Traditions

Rubber yoga mats were not popularized until the 1980s, and cloth mats were commonly used. Ayuryoga Organics unites ayurvedic science with modern yoga by creating eco-friendly, organically dyed woven mats that are customized with herbs and plant extracts.

According to Ayurveda, contact with these herbs can offer health benefits. The authentic woven fibers are backed by rubber to prevent slipping and are also great at absorbing sweat to keep you dry.

Form Yoga Mats: Circular Mats with Pose Precision

Beautifully designed, the Form mat takes on a circular shape to get outside of the box and change up your practice. Not only do the mats come in colorful prints like tropical or cityscape themes, but they’re also made from natural materials and sustainable (calling it “carbon-negative”). The Form mat also helps your yoga performance with the feature of a precision grid that guides alignment of poses. 

The right mat is a trusty sidekick, there to support you and enhance your practice. These mats can take your practice to the next level with their next-level ingenuity as each covers a different need and unique value will that benefit on and off the mat.

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