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A Must-Read Guide to Partner Yoga

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If you're looking for a new kind of yoga to enhance your life and your relationships, why not start with Partner yoga? There's no way around it with this one: you have to connect with someone, and trust them almost immediately.

If you've never tried Partner yoga before, or if you love it already and want to learn something new, here's our must-read guide with everything you need to know, from new poses to try to how to teach to kids. Enjoy, yogis!

What Is Partner YogaWhat Is Partner Yoga?

You’re on the mat in a group class, flowing and sweating and minding your own business, when all of a sudden the teacher announces that “We’re going to try some partner poses.” Read more…

7-Benefits-Of-Partner-Yoga-5-Poses-To-Get-You-Started7 Benefits Of Partner Yoga + 5 Poses To Get You Started

The word ‘yoga’ means union in Sanskrit, and this is exactly what partner yoga aims to achieve – a uniting of two people. Read more…

How To Get Started With Partner Yoga - A Quick GuideHow To Get Started With Partner Yoga – A Quick Guide

When we think of partner yoga, we think of lovers. The closeness, the intimacy, the sweat. But you don't have to partner with your boyfriend or girlfriend to take your yoga to the next level. Read more…

Partner-Yoga-PosesPartner Yoga Poses

Some people prefer working out alone because they are better able to focus and concentrate. But there are also quite a number of people who much prefer working out with a friend. Read more…

5 Yoga Poses To Do With Your Partner5 Yoga Poses To Do With Your Partner

There are plenty of basic postures you can practice with your significant other that can help not only your practice, but your love life too. Read more…

3 Powerful Partner Yoga Poses to Heal Your Relationships3 Powerful Partner Yoga Poses to Heal Your Relationships

Similar to a Partner yoga practice, relationships contain elements of commitment, risktaking, and trust in varying degrees. Practice the following Partner yoga poses with someone you love. Read more…

4 Tips for Teaching Group or Partner Yoga for Kids4 Tips for Teaching Group or Partner Yoga for Kids

Working in partnership and in groups is a major part of kids and family yoga. By working with other people, we learn a lot about ourselves and develop important social skills that help us relate to others. Read more…

Trust Me! How Partner Yoga Can Enhance Your Practice (And Your Life)Trust Me! How Partner Yoga Can Enhance Your Practice (And Your Life)

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having an initial fear of whether my partner could safely guide me into this new and scary shape. Read more…

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