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What Is Partner Yoga?

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Have you ever experienced this awkward yoga moment?

You’re on the mat in a group class, flowing and sweating and minding your own business, when all of a sudden the teacher announces that “We’re going to try some partner poses.”

If you don’t know anyone in the class, this can be a terrifying moment. One or two students may slip out for an extended bathroom break, while the rest of us pair up and take on the strange task of using each other’s bodies. For yoga.

Around Valentine’s Day, a lot of studios offer special Partner Yoga workshops, claiming that it’s not just for couples. You could come with a friend, parent or sibling. If you cringe at the idea of doing yoga with your mom while surrounded by a crowd of lovey-dovey couples, you aren’t alone. But you shouldn’t cringe at the idea of partner yoga. It’s a fun way to add variety and depth to your yoga practice.

Partner Yoga Overview

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Strength & Balance

Mind & Spirituality


Overall difficulty

Purpose Of Partner Yoga

The purpose of partner is to deepen and expand your yoga practice (in more ways than one!). Partner yoga poses work mainly by adding resistance. Your muscles can relax and stretch while your partner’s resistance help your limbs stay in the pose. Because of your partner’s help, you’ll be able to try new poses and find deeper expressions of familiar poses. You’ll challenge yourself physically and emotionally by putting your body in another person’s hands. Working together leads to bonding and tests your ability to trust.

Benefits Of Partner Yoga

It may feel awkward and/or risky, but there are benefits to partner yoga. You can do new, unusual poses with your body because of the help, and it feels pretty good to go beyond old limits. In addition, giving and receiving help tends to bring people closer together. No matter who your partner is, you will become closer with them after practicing partner poses together. You will learn to try new things and trust others with your physical body and your emotions/heart.

Is Partner Yoga For Me?

Partner Yoga can be for everyone when practiced appropriately; you’ll just want to make sure your teacher is aware of any injuries or medical conditions you have.

Most partner poses are unexpectedly accessible, no matter your age or size. Some poses are easier when the partners are similar in height, but you’ll be surprised how much weight our bodies can support. Look here for some poses to try:

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