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A Must-Read Ayurvedic Guide to Food, Sleep, and Sex

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Yoga therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, and one of our columnists and expert authors, Chara Caruthers, put together a three-part series of articles to give us useful tips and insights on how Ayurveda can balance our mind, body, senses, and soul.

Why food, sleep, and sex specifically? As Chara says, these three aspects are “often referred to as the Pillars of Life, key areas to focus our energy and attention in order to feel whole, happy, and healthy.” So here you go, here’s your one-stop Ayurvedic guide to food, sleep, and sex!

What Ayurveda Wants You to Know About Food

What Ayurveda Wants You to Know About Food, Sleep, and SexDifferent to traditional Western medicine, Ayurveda sees you as more than just a mind and body. The Ayurvedic model expands who we are to include a mind, body, senses, and a soul. Each of these constituents needs to be fed in some way, and so the concept of food must be expanded. Read more…

What Ayurveda Wants You to Know About Sleep

What Ayurveda Wants You to Know About Food, Sleep, and Sex, Part 2According to Ayurveda, sleep is one of the three key factors contributing to our ability to both survive and thrive, so there’s a load of Ayurvedic wisdom detailing the who, what, when, and how of getting a better night’s sleep (or getting to sleep at all!). Read more…

What Ayurveda Wants You to Know About Sex

What Ayurveda Wants You to Know About Food, Sleep and Sex, Part 3Sex is an integral part of the lifestyle factors that create balance and harmony in our lives. Our sexuality is as uniquely ours as our eye color, height, and shoe size, and so is the way we express, experience, and share it. We must come to grips with what sex really IS for us, how it contributes to who we are, and how it can support us on the path to living our dharma. Read more…

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When you commit to building heathy sleep habits, you take the first step to become your healthiest self – one full night of good sleep at a time. Check out our Complete Guide to Sleep Disorders – a resource to help you get your quality sleep back. Learn more about sleep disorders, their causes, symptoms and how to overcome them.

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