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A Kids Yoga Class Plan for When You Don’t Have Time

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Despite whatever careful planning we may put into planning our yoga classes, sometimes time just slips away from us.

If that's been the case with you, don't worry! Here's a fun and unique Kids yoga class to use if you haven't had the time to plan.

Using a Globe

An easy way to do a class when you didn’t have time to prepare a new class plan is to use a globe.

To begin with, I go around the circle holding the globe and pointing at the spot on the globe where we are. I tell the children that there is a big world out there, with many different countries, and many different people with different languages, food, customs, animals, etc.

I then put the globe in the center of the circle and invite each child in turn to come and spin the globe. Once the globe is spinning fast, I ask the child to put their finger wherever they want on the globe; this is where we’ll be traveling next, of course!

Sequencing with a Globe

With each child’s choice I lead the group into a traveling pose we will use to get there, and one or two poses from the place we have arrived. So we might fly to Egypt in an Airplane Pose and see a Pyramid Pose and a Camel Pose.

From here, we’ll travel to the destination the next child points to.

If the children are very little and they don’t know what the globe is, you can ask them what they see at night when they look at the sky… stars and planets of course! You can explain to them — “Well, we live on a planet as well, and our planet is round like all the other ones and it is called the Earth. The globe is what our planet looks like to people who live on nearby stars.”

Enjoy using this unique kids yoga class plan if you're in a bind! It'll be fun for everyone involved. And make sure to let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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