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8 Ways Meditation Improves Your Work Life

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Last week we wrote about how mindfulness can make you more productive in your daily life. But mindfulness meditation isn’t the only kind of meditation that will help you be more productive at work–not to mention more satisfied with your work life after all.

Studies show that happier employees are more productive employees. Whether you practice Zen meditation, Chakra meditation, or Transcendental meditation, here are 8 ways any meditation practice can improve your productivity at work no matter what your life–or your job–throws at you.

1. Meditation can help you stay healthy.

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So many illness are caused or worsened by stress, especially at the work place. Whether it’s a chronic, stress-related illness like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or just frequent common colds, managing stress through meditation can keep you healthier—-which means more time and energy for productivity!

2. Meditation can give you more energy during the day so you won’t have to stop for so many coffee breaks.

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If you find yourself hanging out at the coffee station a little too much, meditation may be for you. Meditation can improve your overall energy. Best of all, no caffeine or sugar crashes later!

3. Meditation can improve your clarity during times of stress.

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At one time or another, you’re going to run into “the overwhelm”—-a time when there’s so much to do and just not enough time to do it. But don’t panic! Meditation techniques can help you avoid the mental fuzziness that happen when you get overwhelmed.

4. Meditation can help you stay motivated at work.

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Everyone has those moments at work when all you can think of is going home. Motivation can be hard to maintain, especially in times of stress. But regular meditation will give you practice managing negative emotions and focusing on the present, which can make all the difference during the “afternoon slump.”

5. Meditation can help you feel more confident about your work.

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Don’t let doubt get in the way of your work! Worries can be a major distraction, but meditation can help you take a step back from those doubts so they don’t hijack your thoughts when you’re trying to work.

6. Meditation can help you manage conflict with coworkers.

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Nothing throws a wrench in your productivity like a conflict with a coworker. Office “drama” takes your mind off your work—-but more than that, it just plain sucks. Meditation can help you recognize and regulate your feelings so that you’re less likely to snap at that problem coworker, or do anything else you may regret latter.

7. Meditation can improve posture.

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This one may sound a little strange, but posture has a big effect on productivity. Good posture can improve your mood and your energy, while poor posture can lead to distracting chronic pain. Zen meditation focuses on keeping your spine straight from your pelvis to your neck, giving you the added benefit of corrected posture.

8. You’ll just feel happier and more satisfied in general!

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Even mild depression can deplete your energy, making it much harder to be productive at work or at home. Meditation of all kinds can lower risk of depression or improve mild depression. The more satisfied you feel in your life, the more you’ll be able to get done in a day.

What type of meditation do you practice? Have you noticed any changes at work? Share it with the DOYOU community!

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