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8 Signs You Really Need To Meditate

Meditation | Meditation for Beginners

Meditation? That’s 10-15 minutes doing nothing, right? 15 minutes without emails, cellphones, to-do lists, and gifs of kittens falling off chairs. Who has time for that? Erm….you.

If life is starting to show these following signs, it’s about time you get into the meditation habit.

1. Gotta Go To Sleep…Wait, just gotta fix one more Thi…


2. Even Just Choosing Between Latte And Cappuccino Is A Daily Struggle

Credit: DailyEdge Credit: DailyEdge

3. Sure you’re doing a LOT of things, but You’ve Got This, Right?…No?

Credit: Natalie Made It Credit: Natalie Made It

4. You’re Constantly Plagued By Colds, Flu And General Yuckiness

Credit: Thatu’s Tumblr Credit: Thatu’s Tumblr

5. This Is Your Desk Right Now

Credit: HerCampus Credit: HerCampus

6. Your Reaction When They Get Your Amazon Order Wrong

Credit: Rant Lifestyle Credit: Rant Lifestyle

7. You feel the need to Hit Refresh…And Schedule ‘System Maintenance’

Credit: Gidsy Credit: Gidsy

8. You’re Always Wondering “What’s The Point Of All This?”

Credit: TouchingHearts Credit: TouchingHearts

OK, so life’s never simple and at times it can be pure struggle. But this is precisely when and why you need to find those minutes in your busy day when you can sit and simply be. It’s time to calm your mind, wherever you are.

Credit: Shake Off The Grind Credit: Shake Off The Grind

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