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8 Easy Hacks To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Life

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Mindfulness is about turning the deadly habit of negatively picking everything apart into acknowledging what you feel, see, hear, and observe.

If you must ruminate inside that head of yours, at least do your body the favor of replacing the negative thoughts with honest, non-objective observance of all things around you in the present moment.

Learn to live your life lighter in mind and body by practicing these helpful mindfulness tips throughout your daily routine.

1. Enjoy The Weather. Always.

Embrace the current weather condition and vow to never complain about the weather again. So many times I hear people complain about the weather regardless of outdoor conditions. Appreciate the current moment; wind, rain, snow, mud, or flood—embrace the moment for all that it had to offer.

2. Appreciate Red Lights & Traffic Jams.

Each red light, whether a traffic light or brake lights, is a moment that you are given to put down cellphones, tame out-of-control thoughts, and correct incomplete breathing. Take this time to breathe deeply down into your belly, allowing fresh air to enter your entire body and exhale out all garbage.

How is your grip on the steering wheel? What do you see as you observe the world outside of your very own? What sounds do you hear? Take as many deep breaths as the lights allow and I guarantee you that you will feel freer and happier in no time!

3. Embrace Noisy Reminders.

Any reoccurring sounds you encounter in your daily life can be perfect mindfulness reminders; trains, church bells, alarms, etc. You can use these reminders to allow yourself a few moments to take a few deep breaths, repeat a positive affirmation, or to simply get up and stretch the body out to get the blood flowing.

How is your posture? Are your shoulders in your ears? When was the last time you relaxed your jaws? Is your tongue pressing against your teeth or the roof of your mouth? Are you thirsty? Hungry? Small daily habits have the power to change your life with minimal effort.

4. Delight In Pets & Children.

Although both may drive you crazy at times, they are impeccable reminders that life is too short to take all this nonsense seriously! Get on their level and run, play, and laugh all your troubles away; if only for a moment.

Let life take the backseat for once and enjoy actually laughing out loud for once. If you have neither pet nor child, then dance around your house naked and howl at the moon! Give yourself permission to be bigger than your fears and daily routine so that you can do all the things your freedom offers.

5. Find Tranquility In Household Chores.

Dishes, laundry, or cooking, can all be completed with intention and observation. I’m not suggesting you fall in love with your chores, I’m asking that you change your thoughts while completing your chores.

Take this time to check-in with yourself; your posture (raise your toes off the ground to stabilize your posture and strengthen the arches of your feet), your jaws and tongue, your thoughts. Are your thoughts creative or destructive?

Create an intention before starting each chore that you will no longer allow negative thoughts to linger in your head or spew out of your mouth. Again, you can repeat positive affirmations, list positive moments of your day, or simply observe everything you are doing, seeing, and hearing in the present moment without judgment, anger, or resentment.

6. Be Present In Your Morning Routine.

Your morning ritual is hidden with mindfulness opportunities. Showering, brushing your teeth, putting on your make-up, and doing your hair are all great moments to practice being mindful.

Shower time is perfect meditation time; as you stand under the water, breathing deeply, noticing how the water feels hitting your skin, and how it flows down your body, and even enjoy the smell of your soap and hair products. Use this technique of observing each moment during any other part of your morning ritual and you will feel awake and ready to take on the day.

7. Enlighten Yourself While Exercising.

Music or no music, your thoughts continue while you are working out. Pay attention to the nature of your thoughts during this time. Are your thoughts productive or destructive? Are your thoughts encouraging you? Motivating you? Building you up?

Or are your thoughts negative? Full of comparison, and empty of inspiration? If you answered yes on the latter, I would suggest that you stop this nonsense NOW. Focus your breath, your thoughts on the present moment, on your alignment/form. The more you focus your thoughts on the present moment, the less time and energy you have to harbor negative thoughts.

8. Muscle Up The Energy To Meditate.

I recommend searching for videos on YouTube to find a quick 5-10 minute guided meditation that is soothing to you. Find a spot where you can comfortably lie down on your back, with a pillow or blanket under your knees for low back support, and possibly a small pillow under the head.

Eventually you can meditate without guidance and move to a seated position, until then enjoy your present meditation path just as it is.

I recommend incorporating these tips into your daily life one at a time. There’s no need to rush through this process, just enjoy getting to know yourself on a whole new level. Through these simple practices, you will reduce stress, anxiety, tension, worry, blood pressure, cortisol levels (can lead to weight loss), and anger.

Additionally, meditation is also known to improve bone density, mental focus, skin complexion, memory, and your immune system. What are you waiting for? Choose one of the tips above to begin your journey of mindfulness; your journey of true peace.


Autumn Moranby Autumn Moran – Autumn is a free-spirited yoga teacher; passionately pursuing a life that is full of adventure, curiosity, and purpose. Her goal is to bring awareness and education and her life motivator is to encourage people to find their hidden strengths and beauty to become the best possible version of themselves. You can connect with Autumn on Facebook and follow her on Instagram.

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