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7 Ways Yoga Can Increase Your Work Productivity

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Multiple deadlines, the ping of your inbox, personality clashes with coworkers…modern life makes it hard to manage your often conflicting priorities and be productive.

With so much to do, your energy and attention are scattered. You focus on all the wrong things. If work is a to-do list that never ends and you feel anxious and blurry, take time out for yoga. Here’s how yoga can make work a breeze and send your productivity through the roof.

1. Yoga Improves Your Mindset (Particularly Around Those Irritating Coworkers…)

Credit: Buzzfeed Credit: Buzzfeed

2. Yoga Helps You Make Healthier Choices to Increase Your Energy Levels and Get More Done

Credit: Infinity House Magazine Credit: Infinity House Magazine

3. When You’re Happy and Healthy, You Exude Positivity and Self-Confidence—Two Qualities That Could Clinch The Promotion You’ve Been Waiting For!

Okay...maybe not Ron-Burgundy-confident! / Credit: Giphy Okay…maybe not Ron-Burgundy-confident! / Credit: Giphy

4. Yoga Helps Reveal Your True Passion…and Gives You a Clearer Path to Get to Your Dream Job

Credit: Giphy Credit: Giphy

5. Yoga Rids Your Body of Productivity-Busting Aches and Pains

Credit: Style of Sport Credit: Style of Sport

6. It Allows You to Practice Mindfulness in the Midst of a Hectic Day

Credit: Chris Panico via AshtangaNews Credit: Chris Panico via AshtangaNews

7. And Learning to Stick With Asanas That Challenge You Helps You Stick With Tough Assignments

Credit: ChaCha Credit: ChaCha

Many businesses are realizing how yoga helps reverse the negative impact of stress in the workplace, which in turn increases productivity for everyone. If your company offers lunchtime yoga or free sessions in the park after work, take them. But if your boss is not so keen on the whole “idea” of yoga (or your boss is yourself), take the initiative!

Credit: ZocDoc Credit: ZocDoc

Do some yoga poses at your desk. Attend a local class. A yoga break brings focus and greatly influences your productivity, so if you only have 10 minutes between meetings, grab it—it could be the most valuable 10 minutes in your busy day.

How has yoga helped YOU deal with work-related stress and increase your work productivity?

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