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7 Fantastic Yoga Studios in Hong Kong You Should Check Out

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Hong Kong is a bustling, vibrant, and busy city. Home to the iconic Big Buddha, Victoria Peak and Star Ferry, the city is a wonderful mix of concrete jungle and lush greenery, a place where skyscrapers stand mere feet away from city gardens and wooded hiking trails. It’s also famous for being the international finance hub of Asia and for the “work hard, play hard” philosophy embraced by the locals and expats who reside there. It’s no wonder that Hong Kongers are gravitating towards yoga for its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. As a result, yoga studios are popping up like daisies across the city.

I reached out to some of the coolest yoga studios in Hong Kong to see what makes them unique.

1. Yoga Bam Bam

Yoga Bam Bam’s studios are located in two of Hong Kong’s famous art districts, Sheung Wan and Central, among independent cafes, art galleries, and chic little boutiques.

Yoga Bam Bam offers a variety of classes, from Ashtanga to Aerial, and Hatha to Flyoga.

Yoga Bam Bam gives teachers total control over their classes and allow them to be authentically themselves. In keeping with the studio’s “no cliches, no bullshit” philosophy, there are no sales staffs to contend with or monthly dues to pay. Students simply reserve a spot online and pay in cash after the class.

Yoga Bam Bam’s Sheung Wang location shares terrace space with Mana Cafe, so students can connect over vegetarian food and coffee even off the mat.

2. Yoga Central

Yoga Central offers Iyengar Yoga, a form of Hatha Yoga developed by and named after Mr. BKS Iyengar. It focuses on the alignment, sequence, timing, and integration of the body and the mind.

Yoga Central provides a peaceful sanctuary to busy executives, allowing them to rejuvenate their bodies and minds through yoga.

Yoga Central’s bilingual yoga classes exemplify Hong Kong’s special environment – on average, classes are composed of 70 percent locals and 30 percent foreigners.


Students undecided as to which type of yoga to try should drop by Epic. Epic offers a dynamic yoga curriculum with more than 20 different types of yoga and antigravity classes to choose from in four different locations throughout Hong Kong.

Unlike other, traditional training facilities, is focused on creating and nurturing a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. It’s a home away from home for those who love yoga.

Epic’s team of instructors come from different parts of the world, including China, India, and the United States. Epic’s teacher diversity allows members to communicate with their instructors in the language they feel most comfortable with.

4. Bodywize

Bodywize is an all-in-one destination for those who want peace and relaxation, combining spa and wellness with modern convenience and personalized yoga instruction. Its luxurious interior blends Zen Buddhism-inspired décor with state-of-the-art amenities.

Bodywize’s classes are suitable for all levels of ability and are categorized into Body Training, Flow Yoga, Core Yoga, Basic and Easy, Static and Level 1, Detox, Meditation, and Therapy.

5. Flex

Western-style, athletic yoga is popular in Hong Kong. People need to look for relaxation and de-stress within their practice, as their lifestyles don’t allow much downtime.

In response to the need of Hong Kongers for variety and time flexibility, the aptly-named Flex offers an assortment of classes, including Hatha, Ashtanga, and several types of Vinyasa. Students can take classes based on skill level, their goals, and, fittingly for Hong Kong, the amount of free time they can commit to yoga. These include classes such as Chakra Flow, Prana Flow, Core Flow, and Detox Flow.

Flex is a boutique yoga studio – instructors get to know their students and their bodies well, make hands-on adjustments, and provide individual attention.

6. The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room offers over 100 classes per week designed for the beginner student to the advanced. Its classes are small, with 15 mats maximum, conducted within a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The great thing about students in Hong Kong is that they always find ways to incorporate yoga into their lives, no matter how busy they get. The Yoga Room has many corporate clients, many of whom enjoy the studio’s outdoor classes. It also often sends its teachers to its clients’ workplaces to give yoga classes in conference rooms.

7. Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga offers a a comprehensive list of diverse yoga styles to suit varied needs and intentions of its students. Examples of Pure Yoga classes include Hatha, Hot, Vinyasa, and Wall Rope Yoga.

Its yoga classes fit under a five pillar yoga system: Healing, Grounding, Dynamic, Hot and Specialised. These pillars help to guide and support students through their yoga journey.

Many of Pure Yoga’s students are “global citizens,” who practice and learn about yoga all over the world and bring their influences back to the Hong Kong yoga community.

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