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6 Ways To Annoy The Sh*t Out Of Your Yoga Teacher

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I know we’re not really supposed to admit these things, but I’ve seen them too many times not to! I can technically only speak for myself, but if you’re looking for a few tips about what not to do in your next yoga class, read this list.

1. Walking Into The Classroom With A Cell Phone In Hand

Sure, Pigeon is definitely an appropriate time to check your e-mail! Unless you’re a doctor or firefighter, there probably isn’t anything that will happen in 60 minutes that will require your urgent attention. Facebook and new text messages will be there when you come out, I pinky promise.

2. Doing Your Own Thing

Is everyone is in child’s pose and you’re rockin’ Wild Thing? Is the class gliding through sun salutations while you insert 15 push-ups into every set, grunting like an Olympic weight lifter? Try to go with the flow. This is yoga, not boot camp.

3. Having A Side Conversation That Requires You To Speak Over The Teacher

I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

4. “Hotter, Please!”

I teach hot yoga classes in FL where it’s 105* in the studio and 90* outside with 80% humidity. Hotter? No. Get a grip.

5. Physically Adjusting Another Student

It is never ok to make a hands-on adjustment to someone else in the room. That is all.

6. Interrupting Savasana

Latecomers at the beginning of class don’t bother me a bit; the more the merrier! But please, please, please don’t leave in the middle of meditation. The sound of you rolling up your mat and scuffling out of the classroom is far more disruptive than anything else. Also, resist the urge to crank out 25 struggled bicycle crunches while everyone is still and silent.

What’s your opinion? Did I leave anything out?!

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