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6 Things to Save You When You’re Ridiculously Tired

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Sometimes, being friggin’ exhausted is almost unavoidable. Day-to-day life whirls in, cosmic energy fluctuates, you stay up late, eat one too many heavy meals, and voilà—you become the walking dead.

Instead of diving into fatigue, most of us run away from it like it’s the plague. And fair enough. It’s not easy to be tired when you’ve got a full day of stuff on the agenda. So you drink a couple coffees, splash your face with water, and continue on your not-so-merry way.

But what would it be like to greet exhaustion with open arms? To recognise that maybe fatigue is a sign that it’s time to pause, regroup, and take a little time-out?

Or maybe it’s a wake-up call to make some big old changes to the daily routine. Food, sleep, habits—they all contribute to energy levels and have a massive impact on our overall sense of health and wellbeing.

So whether you need to take some downtime to recuperate, or you need to do a mini-lifestyle overhaul, read the list below to see how you can get yourself feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ASAP.

1. Rest (DUH!).

I know, it seems so silly to suggest the obvious, but I know from experience that sometimes the obvious gets left behind. So cancel your plans, turn off your phone, curl up with a non-learning related book, and get your rest on.

Your body, mind, and soul need time to unwind in order to get back on track. Give yourself ample space and time to recharge by committing to a little rest and recovery. When in doubt, nap it out.

2. Get on your mat.

Sometimes, when you’re super zonked, your body needs a practice that aligns with this sleepy headed energy. Why not dive into a Yin yoga practice, a more passive and meditative style of yoga? You can do a few poses before bed, helping you to prepare for a deep night’s sleep.

On the other hand, maybe you’re hugely tired because you’ve been failing to move your bod on the daily. If this is the case, get up and get on your mat for some dynamic movement and deep connection. Recognise what kind of practice will be the most helpful for you right now and then go for it.

Even if it’s just a few poses, a little practice will go a long way.

3. Eat right.

Somehow exhaustion brings on the desire to eat the most unhealthy of foods. Am I right? Unfortunately, eating heavy comfort food is probably not going to help you feel more energised. A balanced yogic or Sattvic diet, according to Ayurveda, might be a great place for you to start.

Opt for fresh, unprocessed food that’s not overly spicy, greasy, or heavy. If you’re choosing to eat animal products like dairy or eggs, make sure they come from happy, healthy critters. Having balanced meals that don’t leave you feeling hella full will definitely contribute to a boost in energy levels.

4. Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water and steer clear of beverages that are going to give you a buzz. Try to balance out your energy by flushing your system with lots of filtered water instead of consuming drinks that are going to pick you up and then have you crashing again.

In the morning, flush your system with freshly squeezed lemon water and then try to drink at least two glasses of water between meals. Drinking water with your meals can dilute digestive fires, making it more challenging for your body to convert your food into much needed energy.

5. Get into a routine.

I think this is really the clincher. Your body, mind, and soul crave routine. Going to bed at the same time, waking bright and early, eating balanced meals regularly—all of this helps to keep you on track, physically and emotionally.

You ever notice how lethargic you feel after a few nights of poor sleep and unbalanced meals? It has a huge impact, right? Try jumping into a routine so that you can wake feeling rested and renewed.

6. Let nature recharge you.

If you’ve been cooped up all week working and staring at a screen, or sitting under florescent lights, you need to visit with Mother Nature. We humans forget that the natural world is our original habitat. We thrive energetically out in the open air, going for a swim, or walking barefoot on the grass.

Spend a little time every single day just bathing in the prana or life force-rich energy of the natural world. Your mind will be still, your body will chill, and you’ll feel real good, real fast.


Whether it’s rest that you need or a big old jump start, it’s important to remember that you deserve to feel your best. Through a balanced yoga practice, a healthy diet, and a daily life that sees you spending time in the open air, you’ll surely start to feel more energised pretty quickly.

Honour your body by recognising where you are in your life at this moment. Without being too hard on yourself, figure out what you need to feel your best and start right here, right now.

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