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5 Yoga Poses To Help Tone Your Tummy

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Let me start with this: abs are created in the kitchen. The muscle tone on your body is usually around 80% due to what you are eating, BUT these 5 yoga poses will HELP develop those 6-pack abs. Remember to breathe fully throughout each pose.

1. Plank Pose


This one is a burner for sure. Start with a 1-minute hold. See if you can hold longer than one minute. Plank pose is an all over body toner, but it works the core like an apple. (Get it?)

2. Side Plank

Side PlankThe cousin of Plank. If you want strong obliques, this is the pose you’ll want to hold as you lift those hips to the sky. Palm on the ground or resting on the forearm, lift the hip to the sky and hold. 1 minute. Need more of a challenge? Lift the top leg. Hold, as long as you can.

Switch sides. Repeat 2-3 times or more, depending on how much fat you want to burn.

 3. Low Push Up/Press-Up to High Push Up

Yogi-pushupOooooh….this one is TOUGH.

Keep the elbows tucked in towards the ribcage, belly tight and breathe. Go for 20. Your arms and abs will thank you.

 4. Legs Up The Wall (But Without The Wall)

Legs Up the WallHold this restorative posture long enough and you will be screaming for mercy. Make sure the lower back is pressed into the ground and the legs are together. Begin with feet flexed, slowly lower legs halfway, point the toes and lift the legs back to sky.

Try 1 Legs Up The Wall and work your way up to 50. It’s tough, but if you want a strong core, you’ve got to put in the work!

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5. Boat Pose With Straight Legs

Boat PoseKeep that chest lifted and shoulders away from the ears. Take a nice big inhale, and as you exhale, toes and face come away from each other so the body can hover right above the ground. Try 20.

There are SO many amazing core poses in yoga, but these 5 are my favorite. Trust me, you will drip sweat after a few rounds! If the reps are too excessive, try less and work your way up! If you are keeping up the reps, give it 2/3 rounds.

WARNING: When you are belly flopping into the pool, it will hurt more because you will have no fat to save you.

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