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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Yoga Practice

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Your yoga practice is like life. It’s always evolving. You never know what’s going to work for you and your practice. Keep things fun and exciting with an open mind. Here are 5 Ways to spice up your yoga practice and take it to a new level.

1) Change the setting

Take your practice somewhere new, literally! Change your spot in class, practice with or without mirrors and try practicing outside.

2) Try a new studio and/or teacher

Mix it up, everything will be different. Style, cues given for postures, sequencing, order of the postures and even the pace.

3) Try a home practice

Whether you need 5 minutes to wake up or a whole hour because it’s just too stressful to make it to class. Trust yourself to flow with what feels right for your body today and play around with what your body craves.

4) Attend a workshop or retreat

There’s nothing like soaking in the practice for an extended period of time with like-minded people. You’ll really get into specifics of the practice like the breath, inversions & arm balances, hip & heart openers, methods for reducing stress, core strengthening or perhaps just working on improving your overall practice.

5) Take a private lession

A private lesson really is a much more intimate environment where the teacher will provide coaching and adjustments to tune your practice. You’ll get to focus on areas of interest (specific body parts or injuries), at your own pace.

These are all fun ways to change your point of view, gain a new perspective and create brand new experiences within your practice. You never know what you’ll find when you dive into the unknown and you’ll probably meet some new friends along the way. Namaste.

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