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5 Secrets To Eating Like A Yogi

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Surprise. This isn’t a diet plan. There’s no “three green drinks in the morning followed by fasting” suggestions here.

Instead, this is a challenge for you to step up to.

How can you eat more like a yogi? Well hot fuzz, have I got the scoop for you, my friend. Here are five fan-dango ways for your eating habits to become more mindful, conscious and connected.

1. Gratitude First

Before you chomp, say a word of thanks. Whether you thank god, farmers, your mom, the supermarket clerk, divine connection or cosmic creation – say thank you to someone or something. Gratitude is the first step in experiencing true contentment and also in realising just how abundant your life really is. Recognise that you’re one fortunate fool and say it with pride.

2. One Bite At A Time

I haven’t heard word of it yet, but I don’t think speed-eating has become an internationally accredited skill-set. So slow the heck down, dude! Take one bite, chew it, enjoy it, experience it and swallow it BEFORE you take another bite. This is yoga in action. Be present to what you’re doing and give each mouthful your divine attention.

3. Chew On This

Chewing. What a wild idea! Your stomach doesn’t have teeth so make use of the ones in your mouth. In order for your body to easily assimilate what you’re scarfing down, you’ve got to chew it. Breathe, be here, chew (that’s your chewing / eating mantra). If you don’t chew, your stomach has to do so much work and it’s going to leave you tired and bloated.

4. Feel Your Food

I don’t mean that you have to grope or massage it. I mean, when you put it in your mouth, what does it feel like? Eating is a sensory experience so step into that. Take the time to feel the textures, the temperature and the weight of your food. Smell it, see it, behold its glory. This is about being mindful and connecting to what you’re doing.

5. Choose It Right

Your body is a temple. Some say it’s a wonderland. Treat your body like you treat your most prized possession – with care, respect and reverence. Don’t eat crappy crap! Choose happy foods that are easy to digest, farmed with care and are not made up of strange concoctions of weirdness. This step is about fuelling your machine, that rad and sassy body of yours, with the best of the best.

Rise up to the challenge, my yogi comrade. Start with your next meal and see how it changes your experience of eating. I also recommend that you share this article with your meal-mates so that they don’t think you’ve gone all weird when you start having a slow motion love affair with your lunch.

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