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5 Reasons To Try Restorative Yoga

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Restorative Yoga is a slower form of yoga using many props including blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps to support your body in poses for an extended length of time. This is a method of yoga that is accessible and beneficial for everyone.

Here are five reasons why you should try restorative yoga today.

1. Reducing Stress

Our lives are hectic and sometimes our yoga practice feels the same. With intense vinyasa classes, you do not get the opportunity to stop, feel and slow down. Restorative yoga focuses on deep breathing that is known to reduce stress.

2. Release Tension

This relaxing style of practice leaves you feeling open and refreshed which will in turn decrease the stress of your muscles and eliminate tension you are caring around with you.

3. Support Back Health

Research has shown that those practicing gentle yoga safely take fewer medicines and see less doctors for their back. Yoga improves functional disability and pain intensity in adults with chronic lower back pain.

4. Quiet The Mind

When focusing on the rhythm of the breath, the mind becomes clear and releases stressful thoughts. It helps to create inner peace or the ability to pull back from your emotions, become less reactive, more aware of what is really happening, more calm, focused and clear when it comes to making choices.

5. Sleep Better

Practicing Savasana (Corpse pose) at the end of yoga class helps to practice that feeling of total surrender. It also serves as a reminder that you are capable of surrender, which comes in handy at the end of a long day. Once the body and mind are relaxed a better night of sleep is received.

During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited, and a few of the measurable results of deep relaxation are the reduction of blood pressure as well as improvement in digestion, fertility, elimination, the reduction of muscle tension, insomnia and generalized fatigue.

Have you tried Restorative Yoga? What are your favorite and least favorite parts of a restorative class?

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