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5 Naughty Holiday Foodie Confessions

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I think it’s safe to assume that most of us go a little overboard at the dinner table around the holidays. Another serving of sweet potato casserole? Don’t mind if I do! Will one more mimosa really kill me? Nah girl, you’re good! But how many decorative cookies have I eaten already? Who’s counting! Will there be pie? I hope there’s pie!

I’m not above making less than honorable choices around this time either. Let me clarify: I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying yourself at any time of the year, but sometimes we all take it a little too far. I know when I fall off the healthy eating wagon, I fall off…and eat the wagon too.

So now it’s time to fess up to my naughty, naughty foodie choices. And I know no one will judge me because the internet never judges anyone ever!

Here goes nothing…

  1. One of my yogi friends made me some cookies which I accidentally left in my car overnight. The next morning I went to get them only to find them all deformed and melted from Florida’s heat… I took them inside and promptly ate them anyway.
  2. If I had a dollar for every time I ate pumpkin pie and mimosas for breakfast…
  3. While packaging the homemade cranberry sauce I was supposed to bring to my Dad’s for Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted one final taste before putting it away. Since I clearly had no time for silverware, I just licked it right out of the jar…three times. Don’t worry — I kept that container for myself.
  4. While at brunch with family, I chewed on a Starburst to try to pull the prosciutto out of my teeth. That was a pretty low moment.
  5. I went to dinner with some friends who were in town for the holidays, and being the compassionate, earth-conscious people they are, we ended up at some kind of green, hippy vegetarian place. I was underwhelmed and afterwards went to hit up the French cafe up the road where I ordered a less green, less earth-conscious round of truffle fries, baked brie, beef stew, and sangria.

Don’t be like me. Do something good for yourself instead of face-planting into a plate of your favorite meal. Join me and 3,000 other yogis for a free 10-day Micro Yoga Challenge where we focus on our ABS to work off all those holiday treats! I’ll see you January 2nd, 2014.

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