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5 Little Known Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For Weight Loss (VIDEO)

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Like any type of physical activity, yoga burns calories especially when you advance your pace or elevate your heart rate. Although some might argue that yoga doesn’t burn as many calories as other forms of exercise, it’s actually awesome for losing weight. Why? Because other forms of exercise alone don’t have the profound benefits that yoga does off the mat.

Here are 5 little known reasons yoga is great for weight loss (watch the video above for an explanation):

  1. Yoga circulates and cleanses your entire body.
  2. Yoga amps your metabolism.
  3. Yoga lowers stress.
  4. Yoga helps you sleep better.
  5. Yoga turns you inward.

The mind/body connection produced on the mat creates an awareness strong enough to influence positive changes to your life. The awareness produced enhances the relationship with yourself, others and the environment. It helps to manage stresses off the mat well and enjoyment of daily life with out wishing time away for the next weekend or holiday. Most importantly, healthy eating habits and awareness of foods and their sources (from farm to table), chewing well and eliminating often. Many times, when you are stressed about losing weight, it’s much harder to do. Yoga helps with your overall well-being and happiness and that helps with weight loss too!

Basically the consistent practice of yoga helps everything in your life simultaneously work together really, really well. Yoga gives you permission to be as you are today so you can just feel good about yourself.

So do yoga, be happy about everything in your life – your body included.

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