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5 Healthy Ways To Deal With Bad Days

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Bad days. We all have them, right? Those days when you wake up not wanting to ever get out of bed. Days when you’re tired, anxious or weepy (or all three) and all you want to do is to drown your sorrows with a glass of wine and a giant slab of pepperoni pizza.

While I’m all for the occasional treat, sometimes what you really need is a healthy fix that will help lift you out of your black mood and leave you feeling good about yourself at the same time. Here are a few suggestions that work for me:

1. Spend some time relaxing in Child’s pose.

Even on those days when working out is the last thing you feel like doing, a couple of simple yoga poses can work wonders. As somebody who spends all day long sitting at a desk, I love Child’s pose for a quick restorative fix. To counteract that hunched up feeling, take your feet together and your knees nice and wide, and lift your elbows off the mat for a lovely stretch through the hips and shoulder-blades.

Focus on your breath and let the negative thoughts melt away. Bliss.

2. Enjoy a relaxing mug of herbal or fruit tea.

Being British, I naturally consider tea to be the cure of all ills, but I believe that there’s more than cultural bias behind my love of a hot drink. Sipping a warm mug of tea forces you to take things slowly and gives you a chance to pause and give yourself a break. To avoid the highs and lows that caffeine can cause, choose a calming herbal tea like camomile, or a fruit tea with berry infusions if you prefer a bit more flavour.

3. Take a walk.

Now that I work from home, I try to get outside and talk a walk every day, even if it’s just a trip to the local shop. There’s something about the act of walking that helps to clear my mind and puts my problems into perspective, plus the fresh air and exercise is great for boosting sagging energy levels.

4. Get some rest.

Sometimes, your bad mood and lack of energy is just your body’s way of telling you that you need to take a break. In our frantic modern world, it’s not always that easy to recognise when you need some down time; so if you’re feeling bad, treat yourself to a quiet night in. Switch off your phone, watch your favourite TV show, take a long bath and have an early night. Tomorrow is another day, and your to-do list can wait.

5. Remember that it’s OK to have bad days.

Sometimes when you’re down it feels like everyone else is happier, more successful, more hard-working and more energetic than you. You start to ask yourself why you’re not out there having a great time and achieving big things, and the next thing you know you’re feeling useless and angry with yourself.

Stop beating yourself up and making yourself feel worse on a bad day. Try to remember that everybody has bad days, even those who make everything look easy. Accept how you’re feeling and be gentle with yourself. Things will get better more quickly than you think.

What are some of your quick fixes for bad days?

By Claire Saag – Claire Saag is a freelance writer and dedicated ‘at home’ yogi based in Cambridge, UK. After graduating with a first in English Literature from Lancaster University, she worked for over seven years as a bookseller before leaving to focus on her writing career. She first discovered yoga in 2013 and now practices daily in her spare room. Read more from Claire here.

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