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4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Have Stronger Orgasms

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As if yoga doesn’t already boast a plethora of holistic benefits, here’s one more to add to the long list: stronger orgasms. Through increased strength, awareness, and mindful practice, intense orgasms are just a yoga mat away.

1. Body Confidence

People who practice yoga are generally more confident in their bodies (and rightly so)! Feeling strong and toned can do wonders for your poise and attitude. In addition, when you’re used to getting out of your mind and into your body through yoga practice, it’s easier to focus on and navigate the subtle signals guiding you to orgasm.

Any type of yoga can help increase confidence, but you can amp it up by practicing naked. The more time you spend naked, the more comfortable you’ll feel in your own skin. As for poses, there’s nothing more confidence-building than mastering Crow pose, or standing tall and strong in a Warrior II.

2. Mindfulness

We’re often in our heads during sex—wondering how we look, how we sound, how early we have to wake up, and other nagging thoughts that pull us out of the moment. While our concentration should be on the present moment, it often inevitably drifts to the other thoughts in our brain.

Yoga teaches us to pull our awareness from our thoughts to our bodies through breathwork and mindfulness techniques. Slow, focused movements inspire us to pay closer attention to each body part and muscle group, including the muscles used for orgasmic contraction.

Remember that mindfulness isn’t the practice of emptying the mind, but the art of gently focusing it. Becoming more aware of your senses and the way your body responds to stimulation is key to achieving longer-lasting, more intense orgasms.

3. Flexibility

Yoga asana involves exploring various poses, increasing your range of movement and your body’s ability to support itself during tricky positions. Although praise of this attribute is superfluous, flexibility legitimately plays a huge role in sexual satisfaction.

Being able to find new and comfortable positions during sex not only spices things up, it physically gets you there through direct stimulation to your hot spots.

Yoga movements involving forward bends, and postures such as Frog pose, Downward Dog, and splits, loosen up the hips and allow for wider leg rotation. And, as with any physical activity, stretching before the big event helps loosen things up and prepare the body for intensity.

4. Pelvic Floor Power

Ever heard of Kegels? One yoga session alone is worth a hundred of these pelvic floor-strengthening exercises.

Loose pelvic floors are common for women who have gone through pregnancy, and tight pelvic floors are found in those who sit for long periods of time or tend to slouch the body when standing. Although “tight” might sound like a good thing, it’s actually a detriment to this area of the body.

When the pelvic floor is stiff, it’s tough to get blood flow to the vessels here. The basic idea behind Kegel exercise is contracting the pelvic muscles to help increase blood flow to the area, resulting in increased pleasure and stronger orgasm. Although Kegels can be done anywhere, anytime, it’s best to incorporate them into a yoga routine for enhanced effectiveness.

Warrior pose, Triangle pose, and (of course) Bridge pose are a good place to start. The more challenging Single Leg Bridge or Standing Split pose are great for both strengthening the pelvic floor and increasing general flexibility. Any position that strengthens the glutes and hamstrings adds to pelvic floor support, as well.

Although yoga (asana) is a physical practice, it’s equally an exercise of the mind…just like sex. When we learn to literally and figuratively find balance in our lives, connect with our bodies on a deep level, and feel more comfortable in our own skin…bada-bing. Stronger orgasm, happier life!

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