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4 Ways to Use Yoga to Connect With Your Community

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Having a beautiful yoga practice and practicing beautiful yoga poses to show off on social media can definitely be fun and boost confidence, but try not to get lost in them and miss the true beauty of yoga.

Yoga has the power to transform your body, your attitude and your awareness. Yoga also has the power to connect people and communities.

Imagine there are people at home who are bored, feeling a little uninspired in life, and are also quite lonely. You could connect with them even for just one hour a week to practice yoga together and change their lives forever.

Community events also take away the pressure of having to be amazingly flexible at your first studio class, making it more accessible to even more people. Here are some ideas on how to use yoga to connect with your community:

1. Outdoor Yoga class

What's a nicer way to connect with people than a fun outdoor community class? Practicing yoga outdoors in the fresh air is truly enjoyable and healthy. There is also a great enjoyment of using public spaces as a yoga studio i.e the beach, a park, the local hall or library.

Use your imagination! You could host a free class or ask for a donation for a charity.

2. Chair Yoga Taster Class for Elderly People

You could host a free taster class for older people to try out. Perhaps ask a local community building for the use of their space and get the local charities for older people involved. Or you could also ask a local nursing home if they would like you to come in for 30 minutes a week to teach some basic yoga stretches or breathing techniques.

3. Family and Friends Yoga Day

Okay, you may need to entice them over with promises of food or home-baked desserts and then surprise them with a yoga class. It can be a fun and playful class, allowing people to step out of their regular routine and take themselves lightly!

4. Yoga and Music Event

Know any nice guitar players or maybe a funky DJ? Join forces and create a wonderful yoga-themed event that people will remember! Maybe a gentle restorative evening session with soft music and candlelight, or you could even have a fun, full energy yoga and dance class.

Again, this could be a donation-based event, which is a lovely way to collect some cash for a charity while allowing you to reconnect with people around you and have tons of fun while doing it.

Whatever way you choose to do it, community yoga events are always a good idea. Even if you only connect with one other person, you have already succeeded in spreading your love of yoga and sharing its wonderful benefits.

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