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4 Ways to Do Yoga at Home Like a Bad Yogi

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Sure, anyone can do yoga at home but every #badyogi likes to think outside the box a little bit! Here’s how to do yoga at home like the total badass that you are.

1. Spice up your yoga wear.

I'm saying to think outside the yoga pants and reach for whatever you feel most comfortable in. For YEARS I had a student who would wear denim shorts to my classes. I didn't understand it but that's just what he wanted to wear because he hated the look of “yoga” clothes for men.

So maybe your version of the jean shorts is pajamas or…no shorts! Whatever it is, do you!

2. Time it according to your own desires, not what the rule book says.

Lots of resources say you should get an hour of yoga every day to be a dedicated practitioner, but (no surprise) I don't buy into that. If all you have time for is five or ten minutes, that's great! And even if you DO have more time but just don't feel like spending more, that's fine too.

Find an amount of time that you can commit to without feeling pressure or guilt.

3. Pose your own way.

“What poses should I do at home?” “What order should I do your classes in?” Answer: whatever and however you want. There's no wrong sequence to practice when you're doing it for yourself. Move in whatever way you feel happiest, strongest, and most fulfilled and BAM! You win at yoga.

4. Craft your favorite playlist.

Yoga in silence has its merits, but I'm a HUGE fan of playing music while I'm doing yoga at home. This is one of my favorite playlists, but remember that there's no rules—you make them!

Bottom line: when you're doing yoga at home, whether it's with video classes or just freestyling on your own, you make the rules. What's your yoga-at-home style?

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