The Perfect Yoga Playlist For Bad Yogis

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There’s not much better than doing yoga in your PJs in the comfort of your living room, am I right?! Even though I’m not teaching the 30-Day Yoga Challenge to any music, I decided to give you a little musical inspiration to play while we practice together, or play on your own. I think we can all agree that it’s cool to switch things up and branch away from the usual chants and sitar music, so I made a special playlist for all you Bad Yogis who need a break from the “same old, same old.”

Window – The Album Leaf

A New Day – Pitch Black

Laya Mantra – Kartick & Gotam

Makyen Ghir Allah – EarthRise SoundSystem

Rama – EarthRise SoundSystem

Intro – The xx

Twentytwofourteen – The Album Leaf

La Femme Parallel – Thievery Corporation

What’s your favorite song or artist to practice to these days?

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