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The Perfect Yoga Playlist For Bad Yogis

Erin Motz
The Perfect Yoga Playlist For Bad Yogis

There’s not much better than doing yoga in your PJs in the comfort of your living room, am I right?! Even though I’m not teaching the 30-Day Yoga Challenge to any music, I decided to give you a little musical inspiration to play while we practice together, or play on your own. I think we can all agree that it’s cool to switch things up and branch away from the usual chants and sitar music, so I made a special playlist for all you Bad Yogis who need a break from the “same old, same old.”

Window - The Album Leaf

A New Day - Pitch Black

Laya Mantra - Kartick & Gotam

Makyen Ghir Allah - EarthRise SoundSystem

Rama - EarthRise SoundSystem

Intro - The xx

Twentytwofourteen - The Album Leaf

La Femme Parallel - Thievery Corporation

What’s your favorite song or artist to practice to these days?

Erin Motz
Co-Founder of Bad Yogi + yoga teacher