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4 Stress-Relief Practices You Can Do During the Workday

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No matter what kind of occupation you have, stress can be waiting for you just around the corner. Whether you’re a stock trader, teacher, customer service representative, or a yoga teacher, stress will find you.

Stress is a feeling that if left unaddressed can wreak havoc not just on the rest of your day at work, but also on your physical, mental, and emotional state even long after you get home.

So let’s chat about a few, super easy stress-relief practices you can use during your workday to turn what could be a crappy day full of headaches to a beautiful day full of smiles.

1. Step Away From Your Desk

Take time throughout your day to step away from your desk. This is your time to disconnect and recharge. Perfect time to stop over to a co-worker and say “Hey”!

2. Stretch!

Reach your arms above your head and interlace your fingers, palms facing the ceiling. Allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears. Tip over slightly to your right and hold for about 5-10 seconds and then tip to the other side. 

Find a stretch that feels good to you. Those office chairs can be a little brutal on your posture. A little stretching goes a long way.

3. Look Out the Window

If you’re lucky enough to have a desk/office with a window, look out of it. The window is like free cable. You can see all kinds of activities going on out there. Storms, Airplanes flying by, people interacting, cars, animals…I can go on for days.

Be careful not to fall into a daydreaming coma, though. People will find it odd that you’ve been staring out the window for over an hour.

4. Step Outside

If looking out the window just doesn’t cut it, try heading outside. Remove yourself completely from your desk and step across that barrier that separates the inside from the outside (no cell phones allowed).

This is a perfect way to spend your lunch. Enjoy the weather, sounds, nature and the feeling of being free from your desk. Even if just for a moment.

There are so many other ways to relieve stress during your workday. The key is to find something that works for you and go for it. If it works, then you just prevented a headache and gained a smile.

What are your fave stress-relief practices when you’re at the office? Share with us below!

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