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4 Fiber-Rich Foods To Counter Your Hunger Pangs

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For many weight-watchers, the biggest obstacle is always how to keep within their strict diet regimen. There are just always so many temptations, be it that single piece of cupcake lying in the office pantry, or that tempting bar of chocolate inside your fridge.

Indeed, more often than not, the battle of the bulge evolves into a very testy battle of the will. It’s been found, however, that the solution may actually be simpler than all those complex diet regimens combined. Eating healthy is a cliché, yes, but what makes it challenging is eating healthy whilst being able to enjoy good food.

So next time you feel hungry, try reaching for these fiber-rich, healthy snack alternatives:

1. Broccoli

These cute mini-trees are not only good for garnish, they are also great as a source of fiber. Did you know that a single cup of broccoli can easily provide you up to as much as a third of your daily recommended fiber intake? You can mix it up in stews, broths, or sauté it along with other fresh vegetables.

2. Beans

You’ve probably heard a lot by now about how good beans can be for you. Well, if you don’t believe it still, you best believe it now. Beans can make you feel full even with just a few servings, and is packed with natural fiber and protein. If you’ve been putting off on that Mexican dinner, this ought to be a good reason for you to finally push through with it.

3. Berries

Raspberries and blackberries are perfect for that after-meal dessert. The good thing about it is that you can also throw it in your salad or eat it fresh. This is as healthy as munchies can definitely get.

4. Lentils

You may not think all that much about lentils, but this should change your mind. If a cup of broccoli can give you as much as a third of your daily recommended intake of fiber, lentils can give you as much as 63% in a cup! Apart from that, it also gives you a whopping 38% of your protein needs. It’s practically a complete meal, but the best part is, it gets better when mixed with other vegetables, too.

Adding these 4 items to your daily diet can be the simple solution to make you feel full without stuffing yourself silly. Simply incorporating fiber-rich foods into your diet will get you started on your path to healthy eating, and you will no longer have to contend with those gut-wrenching hunger pangs anymore.

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