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3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Parenting

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Although I’m very grateful to be a new mom, there were moments when I found myself feeling lost, wondering if this was the right job for me, because I could not get anything done right. Then I was reminded that parenting is a joyful learning experience that is meant make you grow.

One day after a hot steamy yoga class, I realized that yoga has already prepared me for motherhood. I just had to remind myself these three simple things when I’m at home raising my daughter.

1. Let Go Of Perfection And Be Flexible

Just as letting go of judgment and expectation in a Dancer’s pose, let go of how your day unravels with your playful kids. If they make a mess, drop the bowl of spaghetti all over the floor, causing you to be late to a meeting, pick it up just like picking up your leg after falling out.

They’ll eventually learn how to be neat later on, just like how your foot will one day be behind your head. Being flexible brings more ease into your life. Perfection causes stiffness.

2. Nothing Good Comes With Force

We have to remind ourselves as parents that we need to learn to guide and listen to our little ones, just like how it’s essential that we listen to our bodies. That moment in yoga when you want to push yourself to the edge but your leg is screaming in pain, and you went for it anyway and ended up hurting yourself is the same as forcing your child to go on the carousel, thinking she’d enjoy it once it starts moving. But in reality, you probably traumatized her (true story for me).

Sometimes you think you know what’s best for them, but sometimes learn to listen to them and accept things just as they are. The only thing we have control over is ourselves. Don’t let the ego take over the power struggle that you have between you and your kids or your practice. Guide them by giving them options so that they could make their own choices. This builds confidence later on in life.

3. Be Mindful.

Focus on one thing at a time. I know that sounds crazy when multi-tasking comes naturally with being a busy parent. However, just like when holding a Downward Dog, the teacher reminds you of many body parts to focus on, but the main focal point is breath and stillness. Each time you get back to the breath, you feel peace and calm.

Being mindful seems to slow down time and allows you to really be in the moment to take in the truth and love. So choose to slow down time and take in the truth, innocence and love that your kids share with you. Take in their presence for they have wisdom within them. After all, they say that our kids are our best teachers.

So who says you have to stop practicing yoga after you get off your mat? Carry these three things along with you when you go home.

Oh, I’d like to add one more important thing…

Remember to breathe.

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