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3 Tips for Letting Go of Scale Obsession

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Do you wake up every day and weigh yourself immediately? I’m talking to YOU, gal or guy who weighs butt naked after you’ve gone to the bathroom.

Does your weight depict how the rest of your day is going to go? Weigh a little more, insert head slump and slow drag of feet to get dressed. Lose a pound or two and you dance to put on your favorite outfit!

That’s got to stop.

Ya know why? If the scale is the ruler of your happiness, it’s going to be a long and windy road! Especially if you start weight training! Remember that muscle burns 50 calories a day, while fat burns 4.

So you might weigh less, but your clothes could feel tight and you might not feel so energetic—as opposed to weighing a few pounds more and lookin’ bangin’ in your new pair of spandex!

I know how extremely powerful the number on the scale can be, I was addicted, sometimes weighed myself 3 times per day: when I woke up, before a workout, and after hot yoga. And if I didn’t lose any weight, I’d be depressed.

My Battle with an Eating Disorder

A little more than three years ago, I recovered from a decade-long battle with an eating disorder and came out on top with guns a blazin’! And I don’t mean the guns you point at people, I mean the guns planted firmly on top of my biceps. Might not be as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger's, but I’ve got some substantial growth.

Want to know how to let the scale be a pleasant reminder of your progress, instead of your hotheaded ninny muggin?

Tips to Avoid Being Scale-Obsessed

1. Deep breaths and a mantra.

Take a deep breath before you weigh yourself and repeat this mantra, “The scale will not change how I feel about myself.” Repeat it until you believe it. Even if you are lying to yourself for the first 50 times. Fake it until you make it!

2. Weigh yourself no more than once per day.

I understand wanting to check in on your progress, especially if you’ve been following the 80/20 rule (eat clean 80% of the time + live a little for the other 20%).

It’s a great tool when doing for status checks. However, watch the danger signs of scale obsession and if you find yourself fixated on the scale, weighing more than once per day, I’d advise talking to a professional and sharing your concerns.

3. Numbers don't reflect fat and muscle.

The scale is reality, but that doesn’t mean it knows how much fat and muscle you have on your body. If you want an accurate measurement, talk to a fitness trainer or go to your local gym and work with someone who can put things in perspective for your beautiful and unique body.

Slave to the scale? NO MORE! Cut ties with shame and guilt for the number you see by your toes. Take it as a reminder that it is simply the number you are on the day you weigh, but that number is not permanent. GO YOU!

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