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3 Reasons Why Yoga Is The Best Exercise For Travel

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When you're traveling, it is often quite hard to keep up with your physical exercise or practice. Be it because there's no gym around, you don't have the necessary equipment, or simply because you don't want to exercise while you're on holidays. Well, did you know that yoga is actually the perfect thing to do (and maybe try out for the first time) while you're traveling? Here's why…

1. It’s Not An Exercise!

It’s a way of experiencing the world and that is exactly what traveling is. There is no other “exercise” that opens your body and mind so that you can really feel travel with your heart and soul. I can gather people around me at any time by just stopping in an open spot and starting a Sun Salutation. People join in that are experienced and often those that have never tried yoga will give it a whirl when they are traveling. No embarrassment and your guard is down. I have met so many people that I would never have had the opportunity to speak to by just lifting my arms up and bowing down!

2. No Equipment Needed!

That’s right you don’t even need a yoga mat. Yoga sticky mats are great things, but they were not invented until the latter half of THIS century and yoga has been around for thousands of years! I traveled to Thailand and did not pack a yoga mat. I have practiced asanas in all kinds of places including: airports, airplanes, parks, hiking trails, water falls, bamboo rafts, on elephants, in a river, on the sidewalk, in a hotel lobby, in a bar… You name it and yoga can be done wherever you are. All you need is a willing mind and body.

3. You Take Your Yoga With You No Matter Where You Go!

Once you realize your yoga is within you, you’ll know you don’t need a studio, a teacher, other people, a sticky mat or anything – then you know you are truly living your yoga practice. Wherever you are, whoever you are with (or without) you have your yoga practice. Everything is yoga: sitting on a rock contemplating a river, meeting a new friend and realizing how small the world is, writing in your journal, just being .

It’s all yoga and it’s totally portable!

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