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3 Reasons to Skip Wine and Go For Sake

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We're so used to associating wine with relaxation, that sometimes it's hard to look beyond the wine aisle and try something else. What's a yogi to do after a sweaty Power yoga, or relaxing Yin class? How to balance relaxing Après Yoga (aka after yoga) time with staying healthy, and not undoing the work you put in on your mat?

Well, sake is here to save the day! It has amazing health benefits, and is an excellent replacement for wine, especially when chilled (not hot!) and served in a wine glass. Here are three reasons why you should skip wine, and drink sake instead, without misaligning your chakras.

1. Sake Can Reduce Your Risk for Cancer and Other Health Problems

Sake is high in amino acids, which help give cells their structure, help store nutrients, and basically make sure everything runs smoothly. Because of this, sake can help reduce your risk of cancer, which other kinds of alcohol like whiskey or brandy, don't do.

The amino acids in sake also help build skeletal muscle, which means it can prevent osteoporosis. No brittle bones here, yogis!

In addition to amino acids, sake also contains peptides, which burn fat, build muscle, and help improve athletic performance. What this means for your health, is that sake can help prevent high blood pressure and even Alzheimer's disease.

2. Sake is Nature's Skin Enhancer

If you suffer from dry or rough skin, or pesky sun or age spots, sake's here for you. Sake has been used in Japan as a skin toner for centuries because of its moisturizing and skin whitening elements. Essentially, sake raises your body temperature for longer periods of time than other types of alcohol.

This promotes more blood flow in the skin and higher distribution of nutrients around the body, which means healthier, glowing skin.

Try taking a sake bath to lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth. The next time you're in the tub, stir three sake cups worth into the tub, and some into a wine glass to enjoy as you soak.

3. Sake is Easy on Your System

If other alcohols do funny things to your system, give sake a try. Sake is 1/3 lower in acidity than wine, which means that you won't get that awful "sour stomach" or reflux after enjoying a glass.

Premium sake, like the kind made by TY KU, is virtually hangover-free, as the elements that cause hangovers are almost completely milled out during production. There's a saying in Japan that goes, "You know good sake the next morning." Continue to enjoy in moderation, though!

Oh, and did we mention that sake is also low on calories? Something to keep in mind in case you needed any more convincing.

What benefits have you found from drinking sake? What are your best health tips for when you're off your mat? Share with us in the comments below!

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