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3 Quick Tips to Bring Summer to Your Home Yoga Practice

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Many of us are gladly welcoming in warmer weather, and with the change in season comes an opportunity to add some warm weather flare to our home yoga practice.

Many of you already have fond outdoor, summer, or vacation yoga memories, so why not add a few yoga-related items to your seasonal, personal yoga practice bucket-list?

1. Get Outside

Make a date with your mat and bring your yoga practice outside. Pick a cool morning, a breezy afternoon, or schedule an inspiring date with sunset and spend some time moving through your personal yoga practice. Play in the grass, stick to your deck area, and maybe even consider heading off to your favorite nature spot.

2. Incorporate New Varieties

Vary from your traditional practice and consider a play on one-on-one yoga by trying hiking yoga, stand-up paddle board yoga, or yoga as part of a group in your favorite park or farmers market.

3. Be Nature Inspired

If you don't have time or resources to take your practice outside, you can still invite the summer season in without deviating from your personal home practice. You can easily do this by opening windows, experimenting with different temperatures, and aligning the intention and energy of your practice with that of the summer.

As the summer rolls in, will your home yoga practice adjust or stay the same?

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