A Quick Q+A To Kickstart Your Home Yoga Practice

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The clarity you have around why you step on the mat will be your greatest catalyst for returning to your commitment to create and sustain a home yoga practice. The only greater encouragement? The never-ending physical and mental change that is a product of your yoga practice.

So in case you need help setting intentions and goals with your home yoga practice, I’ve whipped up this quick ‘self Q&A ‘ to get you started, and remind you to keep going. Print this Q&A out and get to work!

1) I started/flirted with/began practicing yoga because…

2) My top three a-ha yoga moments were:

  1. _________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________

3) Me + yoga = ____________________________________

4) After I practice yoga I feel…

____________________ ____________________ ____________________

____________________ ____________________ ____________________

____________________ ____________________ ____________________

5) The top 5 things that keep me from my practice are:

6) When I go back and focus on this list, the number of these I can control is: ______

7) And I can do this by…

8) My dream practice contains…

9) And I can cultivate the willpower to show up on my mat by working on…

10) And sending myself this reminder:

Use these answers as a convo starter for kick starting your yoga practice. Which questions resonate with you? Does your answer inspire, surprise, or move you into action?

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